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PO Box 0094
Cincinnati, Ohio 45174

Ecostratum is committed to sustainability

Ecostratum is a best practice consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  


Our relationships extend beyond business to include volunteering at some of the foremost environmental health organizations in the nation - see the list below.   

AIHA -   Committee for Ethical Practice

ACI -     OSHA Safety & Worker Exposure Committee

APIC -   Airborne Infection Control

BECO - Asbestos Control Committee

CETA -  Biological Decontamination Guidelines

IAQA -   Building Sustainability Design  

TSHE -  Wastewater Discharges

Why choose Ecostratum? Our professional practice is based upon applied science which passes the business case test.  Security, confidence and sustainability drive our business.  Our digital footprint is managed similar to the way we use earth resources - thoughtful and conservative.