411 Terrace Place
Suite #5
Cincinnati, OH 45174-0094
 "A Higher Level of Thinking" Consultants in Industrial Hygiene, Environmental, & Building Sciences
Ecostratum is committed to sustainability

Ecostratum is an experienced consulting firm with expertise in industrial hygiene, hazardous materials, and building environments based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  


Our business relationships extend beyond consulting services to include volunteer service for the Building Environment Council of Ohio (BECO) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

Professionally licensed and insured, we are prepared to serve your needs.  As a small company, we express pride in ownership.  Ecostratum is committed to "A Higher Level of Thinking".

Our clients include: healthcare facilities, law firms, insurance agencies, construction services, real estate lending institutions and property developers.  We work in both public and private sectors.  We enjoy a Midwest focused clientele, traveling nationally on demand.  Please view "our services" page for more detail on our service offerings.
Why choose Ecostratum? We are active listeners.  Our professional practice is based on the application of scientific principles to solve your problems with outcomes measured by business metrics such as payback period and increased profits.

Security, confidence, and sustainability are our only business tactics.  We pride ourselves on choosing to service you with decision capable authority.